Purchasing Information

To make a purchase simply send us an email specifying the item, the quantity, the payment form and the shipping address.

1. Payment Methods
We offer different payment methods for you to choose the one that suits you:

2. Credit card Payment  (Sistema Paypal)
If you have a Paypal account you can make the payment to our personal account fsgaleria@yahoo.es

3. Shipping Address
You must specify in the mail the address where you want us to send the purchase and invoice.

 If you want to make a gift, you will need to give us a delivery address and billing. The invoice will be sent by mail or by email. It will not be possible in the form of payment against reimbursement.

3. Shipping costs
Shipping costs are not included in the price of the items and must be paid by the purchaser. The amount will be calculated according to the weight of the order and the shipping address.

4. Delivery time
Once we receive from our bank the confirmation of the income, we will proceed to activate the order. The delivery time counts from this date and is computed on working days (from Monday to Friday). Estimated time: 3 days for Spain and 5 for other EU countries.